About this Lories and Lorikeets web site

What is this web site?

This web site was created in early May 2000.
Its purpose is to show off the beautiful Lories and Lorikeets belonging to Heather Russell and David Dix, and a picture gallery style of web site was chosen to achieve this.
We currently have over fifty Lories and Lorikeets including several breeding pairs, Rainbows, Musks, Scaleys, Yellow-bibs, Yellow-backs and Red-collars. After looking in the internet we were able to find many excellent reference sites (some of which we have linked to), but only a very few from Lory owners. This encouraged us to do something and by creating this web site hopefully encourage other Lory owners to show their pets on the internet.
As this is the first version of this site we realise it has many errors and has incomplete pages (so much in the wish list so little time...) so apologies in advance but as we learn more about the web so our web pages should get better.

We would really love to hear from you, and know what you think of this site. Any suggestions for improvement or pointing out errors would be appreciated. Please email hjr@kcbbs.gen.nz or dgd@kcbbs.gen.nz , - praise to Heather, complaints to dgd :-)


We are located in the west of Auckland, New Zealand.
At 35 degrees latitude we have a moderate sub-tropical climate, summer tempertures average 24 degrees C and Winter 10 degrees C.
Because of New Zealand's proximity to Australia and Pacific Islands, we are aware of near twenty different type of Lories and Lorikeets available from breeders, pet stores and private sales.
Over the two years (to end 2001) our avairy space has expanded to eighteen separate avairies.

Our Lories and Lorikeets

So far to end 2001, we have ovr fifty Lories and Lorikeets:
Eight Rainbows, twelve Scaleys (including a lutino and a cinnamon), twelve Musks, two Yellow-back (Chattering), two Edwards, two Blue-streaks, five Red-collars, nine Yellow-bibs and one hybrid Rainbow/Scaley.
We have successfully bred Rainbows, Musks, Scaleys, Red-collars and Yellow-bibs including lutino and cinnamon Scaleys. Nearly all our baby birds have been hand raised from about 2 to 3 weeks old.

Creating this web site

This web site is hosted on a Sun UltraSparc system belonging to KC Computer Services. It is connected to the internet via a 6Mbit data link with Clear/Telstra New Zealand and 100Mbit link to the Auckland Peering Exchange.
All of the web pages were hand created using several Unix (Solaris) tools and initial image transfer was via a Celeron 433 system running Windows98.
All images were taken with a Nikon D1 camera and 17mm to 35mm F2.8 ED lens. Images were captured to either a 32Meg or 64Meg compact flash card.
These were then loaded into a USB ScanDisk or USB jumpSHOT reader where images were transferred to a 660meg CD-RW disk on the Celeron system. From here selected images were transferred using FTP to the Sun computer.
Images were then edited using XV and html pages created using the VI editor.
None of the images were enhanced digitally, no brightness, contrast or colour related changes were made. Nearly all images were taken using natural lighting conditions, several indoor images and a very few aviary images used a flashgun.

No birds were stressed or injured in taking any of these images and all agreed to participate freely in exchange for some delicious honey on bread.

All images are (c) copyright David Dix although they may be used by anyone. Please email dgd@kcbbs.gen.nz , if you use any of our bird images.

Contact email and people

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Heather Russell, main caregiver for all twenty seven birds. heather@kcbbs.gen.nz .

the boss

David Dix, avairy constructor, Freddie tickler, and general useful person. dgd@kcbbs.gen.nz .

Freddie tickler

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