Lory Avairy

This is the rear walkway at the back of the last block of avaires we constructed. It is about 1 metre wide and the same 2 metre height as the actual avairies. To the right can be seen the open doors to three avairies and Freddie, a Yellow-bibbed Lory has just flown out of the end avairy and is flying up the walkway to land on the camera. At the top end of the walkway can be seen a perch, essential for birds exercising in the walkway.
The left wall has plywood sheet on its bottom half with the upper half being black shadecloth - although black it still allows a lot of light through. Its main purpose was to try and minimize the summer heat from direct sunlight and to cut down draughts. It works and is a relatively cheap building material. Shadecloth is also used on the walkway roof although there is corrugated plastic sheeting on top to keep out and drain away rainwater.

Avairy image 10

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