Baby Lorikeets

Just out of the egg..., some images of recent new baby additions to our flock of Lories. No particular order, perhaps as they are out of the egg order.

19 August to 2 September 2000
The first eggs hatched were two from Musk Lorikeets, the breeding pair that we obtained in May this year. Two babies hatched weekend 10th August 2000.
The first images are of the pair from 1 week old. One of the pair died just after 3 weeks and the second was removed from the nestbox at just 5 weeks old. The parents had plucked most of its body feathers and were just starting on its head and wing feathers. It is now being hand raised and kept in a heated box

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Baby Musk img1 Baby Musk img2 Baby Musk img3 Baby Musk img4 Baby Musk img5 Baby Musk img6

4 week Musk img7 4 week Musk img8 4 week Musk img9 4 week Musk img10 4 week Musk img11 5 week Musk img19

7 week Musk img12 7 week Musk img13

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