Blue-streaked Lory

Blue-streaked Lory, Eos reticulata, is a large Lory up to 36cm in length.
It is coloured overall Red and Black with blue patches from the rear of the eyes along the sides of the head. On the nape of the neck are brighter electric blue streaks and some blue streaking on the chest where the red feathers are light blue edged. This gives a blue/red scaly appearance. The beak is orange/brown, eyes are brown and feet are grey.

So far we have one female Blue-streaked Lory. Named 'Bluey' (original eh!) she is just about seven months old and still shows all the baby traits.
Another distinct character she has a waddling type gait as she walks and seems to do everything in slow motion compared to the more frenzied activities of the other lorikeets.
Bluey has become great friends with an ten month old Rainbow called Cherry.
When they are separated for a while and brought together again they make a great fuss of each other. Bluey is very friendly and gentle although the occasional minor peck shows when she in not happy about something, the peck will often be preceeded by a sharp squawk in the form of a telling-off.
Bluey is one of our most lovable lorikeets and over the next year we are looking for a male Blue Streak to become her mate. Her favourite pastime is playing on a rope in her aviary usually suspended upside down and defending the rope from other Rainbow babies in the same aviary.

26 May 2000
Today our second Blue-streaked Lory arrived. A male aged about eleven months which we hope will become Bluey's mate and in a year or so from now will make more Blue-streaks.

1 June 2000
Just a few days after introducing the male Blue-streak, he and the female, 'Bluey', have become good friends. They spend a lot of time playing together and preening each other, sure signs that they are compatible and will successfully bond. If anyone now gets too close to Bluey the male will try to intervene, by gently ushering Bluey away. When Bluey does get on a human he keeps a close eye on her. Hanging upside down from the aviary roof is a usual pose, allowing him a clear view of nearby events. He is very inquisitive and will often join Bluey exploring human heads, ears and faces. He cannot yet be handled but he does watch what is happening when Bluey gets upside down for a tummy tickle.

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