Massena's Lorikeet

Massena's Lorikeet,, is a medium to large sized lorikeet, one of the Rainbow family of lorikeets also known as the Coconut Lory.
It is up to 30cm in length.
Plumage is overall green, green wings, tail, neck, back and underbelly.
Chest is orange/red with thin green to black horizontal barring and sometimes some yellow areas in the chest plumage. Head is blue with ligher blue streak feathers moving backwards to a chocolate brown with lighter brown streaks. Eyes are orange, brown in juveniles, beak is orange/red.
There may be some violet/blue marking in the lower belly

In mid April 2002 We took delivery of five Massena's Lorikeets. These were two breeding pairs and one three month old fledged baby. There is one older breeding pair with the hen in a strange feather plucked condition. We are not sure if the cock bird plucks her or if she plucks feathers for nest lining.
The second breeding pair are about 3years old and it is likely they are related and from the first older pair. The fledgling is from the first pair. <\P>

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