Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

This is Bobby, a male green Scaly-breasted lorikeet.
Bobby is Tweetie's mate and earned his name after demonstrating his ability for a prolonged period of high speed bobbing up and down while making an ear-piercing whistle.
When first introduced into the aviary Bobby was a show-off, never missing any opportunity to get attention. He enjoyed cleaning finger nails, high speed bobbing (probably 3 or 4 up/down bobs per second!!), and saying a loud HUZZO (his hello). He could also say a quieter and much clearer 'thankyou' especially when he received a tid-bit of food.
He was the exact opposite nature to Tweetie, he did not have a clipped wing and was an excellent flier from the day he entered the aviary.
The aviary was shared with several other Rainbow Loris and at one stage with Nippy the Yellow Bib lori.
Bobby was the 'boss' of the aviary and possibly with the exception of Nippy would get first pickings of the food.

Note the blue colouring of the cap feathers, this is more prominent in the male Scaly. Bobby's beak is bright red compared to Tweetie in the previous photograph. Both were taken at the same time, this probably indicates that Bobby is at least several months older than Tweetie.

Scaly image4

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