Yellow-bibbed Lory

Now in their new aviary
The day after arriving at their new home the male is on a perch having a good look around and listening to other nearby lories - especially another pair of Yellow bibs that he can see in an ajoining aviary.
Initially these new arrivals were placed in this small aviary beside a pair of Sun Conures, This was intended to be a temporary home while a new 6metre long aviary/flight was set up. When their nestbox was placed high up at the back of this aviary the female decided to sit on the egg.. (the Yellow-bib egg was placed under a Scaley and one of the Scaley infertile eggs placed in the Yellow-bib nestbox). Both birds seemed to settle down very quickly so we decided to keep them in this aviary to avoid the stress of another move.
A week later when the Yellow-bib egg was inspected it appears fertile so it replaced the infertile Scaley egg.

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