Yellow-bibbed Lory

This is our female 3 year old Yellow bib, Nippy.
A few quills for her last feather moulting can be seen around her head and neck. She is a beautiful blood red colour over most of her body with green wing feathers and that distictive yellow bib around her front neck/chest. A very cheeky personality who just craves attention but has a minor problem in that she gets over excited or just dislikes strangers and will suddenly lunge and stab. If she gets the aim correct then a sharp bleeding wound will be the result.
Her mate is Freddie, he used to be hen pecked, but now he has asserted some control and will give Nippy back the abuse he gets from her. Thyey never really come to serious blows but bob backward and forward at each other for a few minutes until they both get tired.
Nippy has bonded to Heather (the human) and will only allow Heather to tickle and play. Nippy has recently started copying Freddie and enjoys getting her head and neck rubbed and will sometimes roll over with legs in the air to get her tummy tickled.

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