Yellow-backed Lory

Yellow-backed Lory ( lorius garrulus flavopalliatus)
This is a sub-species of the Chattering Lory ( lorius garrulus garrulus)
When we obtained these in April 2001 they were described as Chattering lories but when checked against various Lory descriptions and photos in the Encyclopedia of Lories and Lorikeets, they are yellow-backed Lories with the distinctive yellow patch on the upper bacK. This patch is about 3.5 to 4cm in size and this identifies these lories as the yellow-backed sub-species of the Chattering Lory.
These lories are the largest we have, they are about 32cm in length and have a fairly well built appearance. The male is larger than the female being about 34cm long.

Plumage is overall red, green wings and a distinctive yellow patch on the back between the wings.
The male has a wide repetoire of words and phrases, the female is much shyer and we have only heard her say 'hello'. Both are about seven years old and are a breeding pair.

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